Monday, April 4, 2016

The Pear Southern Bistro Restaurant : Review

The Pear Southern Bistro is one of my favorite lunch spots in Napa during the warmer months.  We love sitting on the patio with a bottle of wine and having a leisure paced lunch.   The staff is friendly and accommodating.

A bottle from their menu on the patio.
Summer on the patio for lunch with Shawn.

The Pear has a very nice local wine selection for bottle purchases or by-the-glass purchases, the single glass selection is, of course, limited.  I often bring my own bottle.  They do have a corkage fee, however, depending on the server you get or how often you eat here, it may or may not be waived.  *A good rule of thumb is to call any restaurant ahead of time and ask them if you can bring your own wine as well as how much corkage is.  Come prepared to pay that fee and never ask for it to be waived.  There are many reasons a server can and will have your corkage fee waived but asking them to do so can make the evening awkward and most likely ensure that you pay it.
Brought my own bottle and had the fondue.

I like all of the appetizers I've tried.  Full of flavor and reasonably priced, each one has it's own merits.  If I had to choose a favorite, I could not.
Summer Caprese.

Tater Tots

Fried Pickles

Between Shawn and I we have tried quite a few dishes, yet we have one absolute favorite that keeps us coming back.  The Black & Bleu Salad.  This delicious salad is very filling and at just $16 is a bargain.  It is lettuce, large amounts of big bleu cheese crumbles, and a cubed filet cooked to order, topped with onion strings.
close-up of the Black & Bleu Salad

Another visit and a Black & Bleu

Yet another visit and a Black & Bleu

If you find yourself in Napa, stop in at The Pear, on the waterfront in downtown Napa.  I highly recommend sitting on the patio on a warm afternoon and drinking in the #napalife.
Me, sitting on the patio.

Shawn enjoying the view.

The Pear Southern Bistro is part of the Worth Group and is located at 720 Main St.  Napa, California.  No visit to Downtown Napa is complete without lunch at The Pear.



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