Friday, August 7, 2015

Starmont Winery and Vineyards : Tasting Room Review

We visited Starmont Winery & Vineyards tasting room twice.  Once a couple of days after their grand opening and once again after a few more weeks had passed.  I was surprised at the lack of patrons, both times we had the place to ourselves.

Starmont Tasting Room Back Wall

Looking out from the bar at Starmont Tasting Room

Outdoors at Starmont Tasting Room

This is a very nice indoor/outdoor tasting room with bottle service and by the glass wine service.  Why aren't more people here enjoying this fabulous environment?

Perhaps it's too new and just hasn't caught on.  I don't have the answer, but I will help spread the word.  Shawn & I both recommend this Tasting Room experience.  They were friendly, helpful, informative and in my opinion went above and beyond what was necessary.
Shawn tasting at the bar.

Our first visit we were told that they did not offer free tastings to "Napa Neighbor's" just 10% off bottle purchases.  (Napa Neighbor's is a locals discount program sometimes including a free tasting).  With this information we opted to buy two glasses of Chardonnay and enjoy the outdoor tasting area.  While seated in the far corner under the bright orange shade canopies we saw the wine tender walking our way with two more glasses of wine.  He stated that He thought we would enjoy a taste of their Reserve Chardonnay. He handed us plastic stemless wine glasses with a Starmont logo and said they were ours to keep. That was a great impression.
Shawn enjoying a lazy Napa day off.

Which one to buy?  Which one to buy?

We wanted a few more pictures and an actual tasting experience for this blog post so we decided to go back and buy a couple tastings.  This was a Thursday at around 2pm.  Again they were empty, which I kind of like.  We asked for a tasting, they remembered us, said hi, and handed us a menu.  We decided on the Carneros Tasting for $20 each.  This seemed reasonable.  We tried the whites first, of course, and then the reds.

We bought the one on the right.

They brought out some chocolate bars and let us try them in an effort to decide which chocolate would go best with the Pinot's.  Shawn and I love chocolate so we were, of course, instantly won over.
Pairing with several different chocolates

Our favorite pairing.
We bought the just released 2013 Brown Ranch Pinot Noir then went to Wholefoods to track down the chocolate bar we had tasted it with. ( #wineadvicebyshawn Drink this wine with this chocolate.) I normally link to the wineries website to buy the wine I recommend, however this wine is too new and not available on the website yet.

When they gave us the final bill, they had omitted the charge for the tastings and only charged us for the two glasses of 2013 Brown Ranch Pinot Noir, one bottle of the same to take home, and the glass of chardonnay I had asked for but then changed my mind and insisted that I pay for before they throw it out.
That's a pretty Chardonnay

Water Fountain

Future Wine

While our experience may not be your experience and our palates may not match yours, Our best advice is to go to Starmont's Tasting Room and experience their friendly service and outstanding atmosphere for yourselves.  The wines are relatively inexpensive and definitely drinkable.

Maybe we will see you there.


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